• Our mergansers, wood ducks and mallards are back in the pond. One of the female mergansers is checking out a duck house I built. I have five up around the pond. Not a great pic because I had to go full zoom then digital crop.


  • I’m taking an online natural history illustration course. Beginning week 2. Finding it a little frustrating because I feel like I need to deconstruct my style. Maybe it is more because I have so much other creative stuff I’m not getting done. This course was a last minute thing.

  • Started playing around with the idea of drawing the osprey from the nest cam you shared @Ron . Not sure I will finish this iPad drawing but we will see. 🎨

  • Spending Sunday teaching my 16 year old daughter how to change out the winter tires for summers was a joy. Snow day today due to freezing rain is nature just being cruel.

  • Spent some time with a local printer this morning working with different archival paper/ink. Sorting out the details for my first limited edition print run. This was a look at three different digital drawings.

  • Here is a blog post about the butterflies series of iPad Drawings I accidentally created which includes all the drawings and time-lapse videos.

  • Love the video support @manton ! Seems to work well out to Wordpress but I guess Mastodon is a challenge. Also, how to view videos within the micro.blog app?

  • Here is another video time lapse from a previous iPad drawing of a butterfly. These are automatically created in the Procreate app. Should I post these in future? Do you find it informative/entertaining?

  • Excited about video support in Micro.blog via the latest iOS update. Of course, my first test will be an iPad drawing time lapse :-)

  • The final in my iPad butterfly drawing series. Spent more time on this one but still not the level of detail I would normally do. I have a bunch of graphite to get done over the next 6 weeks as part of a course I am taking. 🎨

  • Busy but was able to get this lazy panda done today. Drawn on iPad using Procreate. 🎨 🐼

  • I am quite interested in the new Logitech Slim Folio Keyboard for the 2018 iPad Pro. Backlit, shortcut keys and a functional sketch mode make this very appealing. As an artist and writer, this may be the best solution for me but I will see what reviewers will say.

  • Drawing on a train 🎨

  • Latest addition to my iPad drawing series. This one was harder because I was on a train at the time. Had a chance now to finish it in the Union Station lounge. I haven’t spent my normal amount of time with regard to detail because that attention is for the chickadee. 🎨

  • Always so happy to see the Trinity church when I visit Toronto. Brings back great memories of listening to the Cowboy Junkies album recorded here.

  • Finally had a chance to try a Microsoft Studio today at the Microsoft store. Pen didn’t feel great. Screen was big but the drawing apps were awful. Flipping the pen over to undo/erase felt like 5 steps backwards vs two finger undo on many iOS apps. Probably not a fair review.

  • I got a little more work done on this chickadee today. Crazy work week last week. This week has travel which means I have 8 hours on a train. Plenty of time of produce a couple of digital drawings. 🎨

  • In cleaning out our 5 duck houses around the pond, there are always interesting finds. I clean them out and replace the pine shavings every spring. I wrote in detail about it in this blog post.

  • Yes, had a chance to draw another butterfly before my evening meetings. 🎨

  • Quick 30 minute butterfly drawing on iPad using Procreate. Playing with new brushes. 🎨

  • My first drawing 14 years ago vs the piece I am working on right now. Practice, practice, practice. There are about 60 drawings between them (31 for Inktober 2018 alone). So thankful that I have a wife and family that allow me to follow my passion. Hope to do 60 this year. 🎨

  • Chickadee update - Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

    Here is a full shot of the piece. I have a large amount of finicky bark at the bottom left to do. I am happy now with the background. I also added a bit more shadow under the tail and bringing back a bit more detail. I remember now why I tended to draw smaller pieces :-) This is my first piece where I worked all areas of the paper. 🎨

  • I went way too dark for the background in graphite. Thanks to blu-tack I was able to lift it off the paper. Happier now with where the background is going. The dark was pulling too much away from the chickadee. Before and after. 🎨


  • An emotional visit to the Canadian War Museum today. So many stories, so many lives. My wife’s grandfather fought in the war (and survived) and my oldest daughter has quite a bit of knowledge of all the major battles. If you are in Ottawa at some point, make a point to visit.


  • Finished this digital drawing of a butterfly. I guess I have a butterfly series now. I do have a third to come. Playing with some new techniques on these drawings 🎨

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